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First Impressions

Young Explorers

Great Minds

Oh Baby!  

0-1 year


The infants that are too small for active play are able to receive tummy time with the caregiver and their individual needs are catered to as they arise. The older infants that are walking get a chance to play with blocks, small center and most importantly they interact with one another. 

Terrific Two's and Three's
2-3 years
In our class we love to dance, sing, play dress up, and learn all sorts of new things. At this age our children learn through playing. While they are in the Dramatic play area they are learning about the Nuclear family and learning gender roles. While the children are outside they are learning about nature and their community. These are just some examples of what we do. Stop by for a tour.  We would love to have you and your child be a part of our learning journey!


Fab Four and Fantastic Five
4-5 years
In preperation for school we engage in both large and small group instruction. Our goal is to ensure that students enter kindergarten with the ability to identify and write their letters, numbers and names. In addition, we will work to develop literacy and math skills to build a stable learning foundation. 



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