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Q: Do you provide transportation for school age students?

A: Yes, we provide both before and after school transpotation for school age students. We also do afternoon pick-ups for Pre-K students who attend school half day.




Q: How many meals are provided during the day?

A: Students enrolled in our center recieve breakfast, lunch and two snacks. School age students receive breakfast if they are at the center by 7:30 am for school drop-offs, and they receive an afternoon snack when they return from school.

Q: Do you provide homework help for school age students?

A: Yes.  As long as the children bring their homework to the center, we will do our best to ensure it gets completed. However, we encourage our parents to look over their assignments as well so the child receives reinforcement and sees the value in homework.




Q: What forms of payment do you accpect?

A: We accept cash, checks, credit/debit cards and NCI.

Q: What time do I need to bring my child in?

A: We open at 6:00 am but stop taking in kids at 9:00 am unless the center was previously notified.

Q: If I take my child to the doctor do I need to bring in a Doctor's note?

A: Yes. If you miss a day we ask parents to bring in a doctor's note upon the child's arrival to school the next day. If the child receives any shots during a doctor's visit we ask parents to bring an updated shot record for our files. 

Q: Does the center close for Holidays?

A: Yes. Kidz K'nect is closed for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Good Friday, and MLK day. Notice of the dates of these closures will be posted on the front door and front counter a week in advance.

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