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Kidz K'nect Resource Center 

The Houston Chronicle featured an interview with Ms. Sharon Talley, Director of Kidz K'nect Resource Center, about the services provided to our parents and community through a collaboration with Shield Bearer, a non-profit organization!

We encourage you to take advantage of services offered!

We Have A Garden!

Kidz K'nect partnered with Urban Harvest and planted our very own garden!

From the hearts of our parents . . .

My year at Kidz K'nect Child Development Center has been great!  I wanted a place that was close to home. 


She [Ms. Sharon] explained the program process and the things they were teaching the children, and the ways they learn during play time as well.  That impressed me.  Stephen was a reader at the time, but as he has gotten older he seems to have moved away from reading and into video games.  Between Ms. Sharon and I, we will get the love of reading back.


When Stephen had problems with his math grades, the staff worked with my son and he went from a 67 to a 95 in one grading period.   I am very excited for the coming year and the progress they will make, not only my son, but all the children. 


This past summer I talked with my son about the things he learned at Kidz K'nect.  He was surprised that what he thought was just playing, was actually learning. The word searches and games were actually teaching him to focus and play with others.  He was floored.  I found that very hilarious.  


I love the work they are doing.   I pray this center will be around for a long time.


D. Johnson

Proud Parent 

We are truly blessed to have the opportunity for our daughter to attend Kidz K'nect Child Development Center. The owners are very nice and down to earth. They make you feel welcome and comfortable. We love the family-oriented environment. Kassidy attended another facility prior to and I dreaded taking her there, but with Kidz K'Nect I don't have to worry about her safety or well being.  Not only do we, as parents, love the services provided, but Kassidy does as well!!  We receive daily report sheets that inform us of her activities, meals, and nap times for the day, so we always know how her day went.  They take the time to read to her, play interactive learning games, dance, and sing songs with her.  They have great interaction with the children.  Kidz K'nect is a blessing, not only to the LaRue family, but to the community as well!!


Thanks so much for everything,


Mr. & Mrs. LaRue

Upcoming Events


March 29, 2024

Easter Celebration

We will have an Easter egg hunt, and other festivities. Parents are welcome, Events start at 3PM.

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